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Rental Conditions

USE OF VEHICLE.- Renter receives the rented vehicle and accesories described on page one hereof in good condition, and undertakes to maintain and drive said vehicle carefully and in accordance with the regulations of the Motor Traffic Code.
It is expressly prohibited:

RETURN OF VEHICLE.- Said vehicle will be returned to the place on the date specified on page hereof. Any alteration to the agreed place and date of car’s returns must be previously authorized by Lessor.
The unfulfilment on this condition entitles Lessor to demand in court the restitution of the vehicle.

RENTAL CHARGES.- Rented agree to pay in addition to the rental charges and taxes stipulated in lessor’s valid tariff all expenses resulting from missing of vehicle documents, valued in 30€, – tools and accesories as well as all fines and court costs for traffic and other legal violations caused through fault of Renter, during term of this agreement. The aplication of tariff originally agreed is subject to the return of the vehicle on the place and date stipulated hereby.

INSURANCE.- The car insurance provided by Lessor the Renter and driver authorized hereby against third party liability for UNLIMITED amount and Bad Bond in Spain.
Renter’s or driver’s inmediate family, partners and employees are not considered as third party, and they are not covered by the insurance policy.
Said policy does not cover for loss, theft or damage to any property transported in the vehicle.
Renter’s liability is fully covered against loss of or damage to said vehicle, by fire or theft and limited to G.D.W arranged in this contract, against damage by collision which shall be waived if renter has obtain in advance the collision damage waiver as evidence by his signature in the insurance space provided on page one hereof.
The insurance does not inclue: immobilization of the car for repairs or accident or retention of the car by the public authority, when this is due to the client’s fault.
Renters may purchase insurance against accident bodily injury in accordance with conditions of the policy subscribed for this coverage, outlined in a separate brochure in accepting this insurance by signing in the space provided on page one hereof. Renter agrees with policy conditions and payment of the applicable charge.

ACCIDENTS.- Renter agrees to take the following action in case of accident:

REPAIR.- Lessor shall reimburse Renter of the cost of greasing, oil changing and minor repairs (except blow out) up to 30€, – providing all bills and/or receipts to substantiate such expenses be furnished to lessor.
Permission must be obtained from Lessor before carrying out major repairs over 30€, – or having said vechicle towed.

LESSOR’S LIABILITY.- Lessor has taken all precautions to prevent mechanical failure of said vehicle, but if such happens, the Renter hereby releases the Lessor of any liability for loss of or damage arising out of such failure, directly or indirectly.

JURISICTION.- Should any difference arise between both parties, they mutually agree to submit themselves to the Courts of La Palma del Condado, waiving hereby any right any other jurisdiction.

PAYMENT.- They payment of vehicle reserved will be done at moment of contract signature and key delivery. It can be done by cash or credit card. Also the Rent-a-car will be able to request the customer credit card and expiration date, as a guarantee of service.


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